Monday, August 30, 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction

I got Splinter Cell Convictions a few weeks ago for a buck when Ubisoft were having their $1 sell. I beat the single player section a few days ago on Realistic and beat co-op last night with my friend. I had tons of fun with this game and wondering why there's so much hate for this game. I think it would of fair better if they would of just called it Conviction since most of the Splinter Cell aspect are missing in this game. The single player section was epic and I played through it a couple of times just for fun and trying out different ways of beating a level. It does feel easier than the other Splinter Cell games I've played.

One of my problems for this game though is trying to play the damn thing online. The PC version for some reason has a hard time connecting to the server causing my friend and I getting angry and waiting for it to connect to play online which sometimes takes more than 10 minutes. Usually, trying to connect to matchmaking to play with a random person fixes this up, but you also gotta wait a bit for matchmaking to connect to someone or something. No text support in this game what so ever. That means you better have a mic or be a mind reader because in this game you need to communicate to win. Some games I played randomly lag out or my friend end up encountering errors causing the game to crash. My friend somewhat fixed the errors by connecting a mic. I don't have the 360 version so that maybe the better version to get. When everything is working though this game is a blast playing online. Lots of stuff to do in the co-op campaign and also just go on a random killing spree with a friend in Deniable Ops. There's a new dlc out that adds 4 new levels for Deniable Ops, but I haven't bought it yet.

Also the PC version requires you to be online in order to play the game even if you are playing single player. So, at the end was it worth a dollar? Yes, but I recommended getting the 360 version against the PC. If I get the 360 version later I will comment on the online version. I had fun with this game and I hope they make another soon.


  1. Awesome game! Enjoyed the second one most, though :/

  2. Really? I enjoyed Chaos Theory more than all the other games. I didn't like the second one much, but I did enjoy playing the online Mercs VS Spies on Xbox Live.

  3. Have you played them all yet? Its a pretty epic story line.

  4. ONE DOLLAR? Damn dude, that's a STEAL!

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  6. Yea, I played them all and my favorite so far from the series is Chaos Theory. =)

    Ubisoft had a $1 sale a few weeks ago that had almost all their PC Download games for a buck. I manage to snag 3 copies of Conviction for 2 friends and me! Also Got a pre-order for Ghost Recon Future Soldier for a buck, but I don't expect that one to stick when it actually comes out. I did get Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and the new Prince of Persia game. In total it was around 6 bucks.